Saturday, August 22, 2009

Alora's Song

Ok, so I know that this has nothing to do with cakes but I had to put this on my blog. I want to remember this sweet song for the rest of my life. Alora, my four year old, sang this to Ann-Marie, her one year old sister, yesterday to calm her down.

Please don't cry Ann-Marie
Do not fear in the darkness
God is always with you
God never stops loving you
Don't you fear Ann-Marie Joy Squirt
God never takes his eyes off you
He made the green Earth
He made the bright stars in His holy will
You cannot see Him but He is with you
I do not cry anymore
God never lets go of the world
He died on the cross for our sins
God can make all the food in our houses
He can do all His holy will
God can never stop loving you

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Ann-Marie's One!

While my family was in town we celebrated Ann-Marie's 1st birthday. I can't believe she is one already. She loved the cake so much that she started digging in before we could even sing Happy Birthday to her. Once she got a piece she just picked up the whole piece and shoved it into her little mouth, it was so cute. Happy Birthday, Ann-Marie, we love you.

Mom's 50th Birthday

We celebrated Eric's mom 50th birthday a couple of weeks ago. Earle (Eric's dad) put together a surprise party for her in Greenville. It was a lot of fun. Ann-Marie, our youngest daughter, spilt two whole drinks during the course of the meal and the waiters at the restaurant ended up ripping off part of the rug and brown icing on mom's cake. But, over all it was a lot of fun with many laughs.

The cake above is a fondant figure of her reading a book and her dog Mini curled in her lap. This is one of her favorite activites. The cake is a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing and raspberry filling.

Love you mom.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Surprise Party!

While I was in VA my sister and I decided to throw a surprise birthday party for my Mom, Theresa. We were so excited because she had no idea. The funniest thing is that I made this cake in her kitchen with her watching me and tasting everything I made. I kept telling her that I just wanted to make a cake for our last night in VA as a yummy dessert. Well, it was just that but at her favorite Mexican restaurant, not in her kitchen. She was so surprised. When we got to the restaurant we walked around the corner and she just stopped and started crying then started walking away. I had to grab her and tell her that it was her surprise party. It was GREAT! Love you mom.
I made a yummy home-made chocolate cake with chocolate butter-cream icing. Since, I was with my mom occupying her while everyone was arriving at the restaurant Eric had to deliver the cake for me. He got it there in one piece but he carried it in a sweltering hot car. The cake is chocolate and chocolate melts in the heat, thus, the chocolate icing began running down the sides of the cake. But none-the-less it was still deliscious and no one else even paid attention to the dripping chocolate. Lesson learned: Always air-condition a vehicle before transporting a cake.

Mom's Birthday Party

While I was in VA I made this cake for my mom, Vivian. She turned 46 but she certainly doesn't look that old. This cake was a lot of fun. She loved it and so did all of my family. It was my special Triple Lemon Surprise cake. Happy birthday Mom, I love you!

My Baby is Turning One!

Ann-Marie Joy will be a year old on July 26th!

Monday, July 13, 2009

How It All Began

Some good friends of mine, Daniel and Jennifer just celebrated their 1 year anniversary a couple of weeks ago. Jennifer asked me to make a anniversary cake and I was delighted to (it's the second cake pictured above). Their favorite, I call it Triple Lemon Surprise (three layers of lemon goodness). But that got me thinking about how I came to love cake decorating. It all started with a simple wedding gift idea and a quick conversation. One day as Jenn and I were driving somewhere I told her that I would love to make her wedding cake as a gift but wasn't a professional, actually I had never made a cake bigger than a simple birthday cake. I have to be honest, I never actually thought she would take me up on it. But a month or two later she said that her and Daniel wanted me to make a cake and wanted to know if I could cover it in fondant. WHAT! At first, I thought what have I gotten myself into but then when I thought about the challenge I was super excited. I read all kinds of books and watch videos off of This was the result. It was difficult, but it started a deep love for cake decorating within me. Thanks Jenn!

Alora's Birthday

So, Alora's birthday was in February but somehow we lost every picture we had of the party. Thankfully, while we were in VA my mom had pics of the party. So I decided to add a few pictures of her and her cake. She wanted a ballerina birthday cake, but everywhere I looked I could only find princess figurines so I decided to make one. This was my very first fondant figurine.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Poppi's Birthday

Well, the party was a success. Lunch was great (ribs, macaroni pie, corn-on-the-cob, broccoli, and of course, the birthday cake!) As you can tell, Poppi is one proud grandaddy and his grandgirls sure love him. The cake turned out great. I made a homemade chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing and then piped green buttercream icing for a grass effect. Made the ball out of fondant. It was so much fun and a breeze to make. Overall, just about 2 and1/2 hours from start to finish (thats baking, cooling, icing and piping!) Can't wait for the next oppurtunity to make a cake.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dad's Birthday

Well, in two days my father-in-law will turn 50. And I am so very excited. For one reason I have an excuse to make a cake, but most importantly, we will all be together to celebrate his birthday. That is, Eric, myself, Alora, Adalynne, Ann-Marie, Bonnie and Earle. We are going to have a cook-out, play in the mini-pool and eat cake. I can't wait. Praise the Lord! For 50 years of life and at least half of those years giving praise and glory to God. I praise the Lord for such a godly father-in-law. I love you Earle.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Papa's 85th Birthday

I made this cake for Eric's grandfather's (Papa) 85th birthday. His favorite cake is a coconut cake, so I made a coconut cream cake with coconut buttercream icing. He loved it. Since he is an avid gardener we thought it only right to give him a garden that he doesn't have to tend to. The buttercream I made a bit thick so that it would look like real dirt. I then sculpted a few vegetables. I topped it off with a personalized sign that said "Bratton's Garden." He loved the cake and it was a complete surprise for him. We love him very much and are thankful we were able to spend this time with him.

Sweet baby!

This cake was ordered for a baby shower. Friends of the mother wanted the figure to look like her and wanted her sitting in a grass field. I decided to make the cake 12" diameter and have her sitting in a garden. The friends and soon-to-be mom were thrilled with the cake, and I was very pleased myself.