Monday, July 13, 2009

How It All Began

Some good friends of mine, Daniel and Jennifer just celebrated their 1 year anniversary a couple of weeks ago. Jennifer asked me to make a anniversary cake and I was delighted to (it's the second cake pictured above). Their favorite, I call it Triple Lemon Surprise (three layers of lemon goodness). But that got me thinking about how I came to love cake decorating. It all started with a simple wedding gift idea and a quick conversation. One day as Jenn and I were driving somewhere I told her that I would love to make her wedding cake as a gift but wasn't a professional, actually I had never made a cake bigger than a simple birthday cake. I have to be honest, I never actually thought she would take me up on it. But a month or two later she said that her and Daniel wanted me to make a cake and wanted to know if I could cover it in fondant. WHAT! At first, I thought what have I gotten myself into but then when I thought about the challenge I was super excited. I read all kinds of books and watch videos off of This was the result. It was difficult, but it started a deep love for cake decorating within me. Thanks Jenn!


marcie said...

Amy, you did a very nice job on the cake. It looks so smooth and effort less although I know it wasn't easy.
Excellent job!

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Lookin' at Cakes said...

Nice job! I am still weary on attempting fondant. Is it as hard as it appears?