Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Surprise Party!

While I was in VA my sister and I decided to throw a surprise birthday party for my Mom, Theresa. We were so excited because she had no idea. The funniest thing is that I made this cake in her kitchen with her watching me and tasting everything I made. I kept telling her that I just wanted to make a cake for our last night in VA as a yummy dessert. Well, it was just that but at her favorite Mexican restaurant, not in her kitchen. She was so surprised. When we got to the restaurant we walked around the corner and she just stopped and started crying then started walking away. I had to grab her and tell her that it was her surprise party. It was GREAT! Love you mom.
I made a yummy home-made chocolate cake with chocolate butter-cream icing. Since, I was with my mom occupying her while everyone was arriving at the restaurant Eric had to deliver the cake for me. He got it there in one piece but he carried it in a sweltering hot car. The cake is chocolate and chocolate melts in the heat, thus, the chocolate icing began running down the sides of the cake. But none-the-less it was still deliscious and no one else even paid attention to the dripping chocolate. Lesson learned: Always air-condition a vehicle before transporting a cake.


Emily Tsesmeloglou said...

Amy, this cake is so cute! And it looks delicious...maybe one day you can teach me how to do this!

morgan said...

all these cakes are beautiful amy!