Saturday, August 22, 2009

Alora's Song

Ok, so I know that this has nothing to do with cakes but I had to put this on my blog. I want to remember this sweet song for the rest of my life. Alora, my four year old, sang this to Ann-Marie, her one year old sister, yesterday to calm her down.

Please don't cry Ann-Marie
Do not fear in the darkness
God is always with you
God never stops loving you
Don't you fear Ann-Marie Joy Squirt
God never takes his eyes off you
He made the green Earth
He made the bright stars in His holy will
You cannot see Him but He is with you
I do not cry anymore
God never lets go of the world
He died on the cross for our sins
God can make all the food in our houses
He can do all His holy will
God can never stop loving you


Emily Tsesmeloglou said...

This is so sweet! I hope you don't mind I posted it on facebook.

Rebecca Lewis said...

That's absolutely amazing that she realizes all of those things at 4 years old! And a lot of adults will never realize it. Children are truly a blessing from God.

Amy Ashley said...

I certainly don't mind that you posted that on Facebook, I thought it was amazing also. I miss you both so much and would really love for us all to get together the next time your in town Emily. Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS on the little one. We are sooooooo excited.

Leo said...

Hmmm...sounds like a Psalm or an Old Testament song. I love it.

Tiffany (: said...

man! do i praise the Lord for my neice's wisdom! (: awh.

dom said...

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