Thursday, June 11, 2009

Papa's 85th Birthday

I made this cake for Eric's grandfather's (Papa) 85th birthday. His favorite cake is a coconut cake, so I made a coconut cream cake with coconut buttercream icing. He loved it. Since he is an avid gardener we thought it only right to give him a garden that he doesn't have to tend to. The buttercream I made a bit thick so that it would look like real dirt. I then sculpted a few vegetables. I topped it off with a personalized sign that said "Bratton's Garden." He loved the cake and it was a complete surprise for him. We love him very much and are thankful we were able to spend this time with him.


Anonymous said...

Amy, The cakes are wonderful. You did a great job again and always love you Mom

Amy Ashley said...

Hey Mom, thanks so much. I love you too. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks.