Friday, April 21, 2006

So Eric started working third shift last week and I have to admit it hasn't been that bad. Well, until tonight. I found myself being jumpy at the slightest sound, for instance I heard a scratching noise outdoors so I franticly searched out the doors and windows trying to see if anyone was breaking in, but alas I found a tiny beetle climbing and buzzing around one of the kitchen windows. I laugh now! Then I was watching a t.v. show on divorced families and step-parents when I got up to go into the kitchen to get something to drink when there in the kitchen floor was a huge spider. When I say huge, I mean a spider about the size of a quarter, that's pretty big. Well, now I'm here typing away at this post and thinking about how I think it's funny how we can sike ourselves up to believe just about anything. We can imagine bad things happening to ourselves and the people we love the most. But I also think that sometimes Satan knows just how to attack us, how to make us falture. I can remember so many times in my past being scared of places I was or people I was with and thinking to myself why can't I just run away. I remember one time in particular when I awoke in the middle of the night having a nightmare that I was being killed along with my family. The thought scared me so bad I couldn't go to sleep. That's when I took my Bible and began reading, I began praying and then I did the funniest thing, I began telling Satan and his demons to leave me alone that I belonged to Christ and nothing could hurt me not even death. Then I started spitting on my bedroom floor and telling Satan that I wasn't scared of him and that he was nothing. Within about fifteen minutes I was fast asleep. I remember the peace and joy I had the rest of the night and the next morning I woke up. God is always my peace. Whenever I'm scared or afraid, stressed out, or excited I am always able to go to God and find comfort , peace and joy from my heavenly Father. So I think I'll go and do just that, spend sometime with my DAD. Goodnight!

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rebecca said...

Amen! The peace of God is so wonderful. He can can comfort you in times you think are hopelessly terrible. Satan sure knows how to tear us down with our weakness of fear, but we ALWAYS have God. What a comforting thought, isnt it?