Thursday, February 14, 2008

A stinky ordeal!

So the other morning I was in the midst of getting Adalynne and Alora into the bath when the phone rang. I had already stripped the girls down to bare bottom. I was expecting an important phone call, so I left Alora in her room to play and Adalynne in her bed just for a moment. Well, it turned out that it was my friend Kelly and so I began to talk. Well, a few minutes later Alora comes into the kitchen and says "pew-wee mommy, it is stinky." I rushed into the bedroom, where the most awful smell was permeating through the room. Yes, that is right, Adalynne had done the doo all in her bed. That's not the worse of it, she is also eating it. HOW DO YOU EAT YOUR OWN POO? Of course, by this time I am off the phone trying to pick Adalynne up without any poo getting on me and I throw her in the tub.(not literally) It took me at least half an hour just to scrub all the poo off and another 30 minutes to get her smelling good. The funny thing is, this isn't the first time something like this has happened. Lesson learned: Never ever leave a child near a messy diaper or without a diaper on, unless you want to be cleaning up poo.

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